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Suma By Brigitte Grade Fabric hardeners give mixed media artists the ability to sculpt in new ways. Powertex is an example of a unique new material that gives artists the ability to color and harden fabric. Fiber is often a difficult material to use in exterior spaces. Powertex resolves this, and is being used in exterior installation spaces. It also can be used with filling compounds, such as 3D Flex, an organic filling compound. Both of these materials bond best with natural materials, versus plastic.

PowertexDetail1Mixed with Powertex you can use it to make thick and coarse textures and even achieve 3D effects in paintings and sculptures. Adding more and more Easy 3Dflex powder will result in a thick sculpting clay that dries to the air and gets rock hard. If applied in thick layers, it will develop cracks and blisters, if dried near a heat source.

TangoDetailed prints can be pressed into the sculpting paste with stencils, lace etc, and nice textures by using buttons, rope, screws on the clay.
These products have given artists a way to explore three dimensional work without a kiln and  the other tools needed for work in ceramics.

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