Michael Rohde, Tapestry

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Michael Rohde is remarkable in the weaving world; for starters, he is a male in an often female-dominated art and he left a career as a biochemist to make weaving his full-time work. He has sold his work at street fairs in North Carolina, owned a gallery in Houston, done commission rug weaving in Maine, and has called weaving his full-time work for the last 12 years. Although he started by...
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Sylvie Boyer Tapestry

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Sylvie Boyer is a weaver with an unassuming workshop down a quaint side street in the Lot Valley (Penne d'Agenais), France.  She has spent many years as a successful weaver. Within the her weaving life, her trajectory was forever changed by a craft exchange with a weaver from Mali, over 20 years ago. The weavers had the chance to try out each other’s looms, and as Sylvie puts it, “I was...
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Jan Hopkins, mixed media

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Our interview this time is with Jan Hopkins, renowned sculptural fiber artist. Or shall we call her a mixed media artist? Jan is a sculptor who uses a variety of alternative materials to create her compelling forms,  including dried lunaria and orange peels. Jan, you have been creating torsos for awhile and mentioned that each figure has a heart, soul and spirit. Do you also imagine that each...
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